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Basic cross-compiler for Amstad CPC

    problem with |MUL ?


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    problem with |MUL ? Empty problem with |MUL ?

    Post  poppichicken Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:09 pm

    Hi there.

    I've been trying to convert an old program to CPC Basic 3, and I've come across what may be an error.

    10 piHalf=0
    20 con2=0:|VAL,con2,"1.0"
    30 |PI,piHalf
    40 |MUL,piHalf,piHalf,con2
    50 |CINT,@tmp,piHalf
    60 PRINT tmp
    In the attached code, I'm expecting to see 3 printed on-screen, as PI*1=PI.
    Instead, I am getting 10 being printed.
    (I have Real Numbers set to 2 in the IDE).

    When I change line 20 to:
    20 con2=0:|VAL,con2,"2.0"
    I am expecting it to print 6 to the screen, but it is still printing 10.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is |MUL flawed?

    When I change line 40 to:
    40 |ADD,piHalf,piHalf,piHalf
    I get 6 being printed, which is what I expect, as I am simply adding PI to itself


    Please ignore this question.
    I was indeed making a mistake - I wasn't setting the indexes for the REALs correctly.

    Changing line 20 to:
    20 con2=1:|VAL,con2,"1.0"
    has fixed the problem.


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